Sunday, July 3, 2011

Liberty 5K

    So, running a race WITH someone is so much cooler than running a race by yourself.  Of course, when you run a race, you're not really alone because they are hundreds of runners around you, but in a way you are by yourself, meaning you are the only one who knows you.
    On Saturday, I ran the Liberty 5K in Rexburg.  My sister-in-law, Keersten, ran with me.  It was an odd race, but so much fun with her there.  It was on a golf course for the most part, which was weird since I've never run on grass, and then it went through the nature park, which was pretty in some parts and awkward in others as we ran past campers just getting up for the day, gawking at us with a "What the?" expression on their faces.  Keers and I were constantly having to balance ourselves as our feet met with uneven ground, gravel, and narrowing channels that funneled 50 runners into a 2 foot space.  Once again, my lungs were hard at work so I must of been going faster than my usual pace, but that grass makes you feel like a Clydesdale. 
See the look on our faces?  That's called "determination"....
...or "exhaustion."  Could be either one.
    I'm glad Keersten was there, running beside me, because at times the rough terrain made me feel like walking, but then I'd spot her out of the corner of my eye running hard and I would decide to stay with her.  Toward the end, I THOUGHT I was sprinting until Keersten shot past me.  She is one fast cookie, and cookies are fast (ever heard of the Gingerbread man?).  So I kicked it into the highest gear I have and finished the race in a dead sprint.  So I bet you'd like to know my time right. 
    As you recall, my time for the Scenic River Classic was 30:39, which is 6 minutes shorter than at the Teton Dam.  Well, I did get my time, but it seemed suspicious.  It was too fast.  I finished too fast.  Some of you might say, "What's wrong with finishing fast?"  I'll tell you.  If you finish with a time that is 10 whole minutes better than your last time, it, at first, feels great, until you think, "Did I really get 10 minutes faster?"  After talking to some other runners, Keers and I found out that the 5K we just ran, was most likely NOT a 5K, which is 3.1 miles.  It was more likely 2 and a quarter.  It's funny, but most of the runner's were visibly peeved about this.  You'd think that allowing us to run a short 5K would delight us.  But a runner wants to run the distance they signed up for, otherwise, what's the point?  So my finishing time was 21:18 which is awesome, but not accurate for a 5K, most likely.  Doing some math, we did figure out what my pace was and I came in with a 9:41 mile.  My last pace was a 9:52 mile.  So I was indeed faster.  Doing some more math, if I had run the entire 3.1 miles, I would have had a time of 29:15.  So, I guess I did beat my last time, but I'd like something a little more official than just my math skills.  Keersten pulled in one second ahead of me at 21:17.  Thank goodness she was there, because I may not have pushed myself like I did if I were running "alone."

To the people that organized the Liberty 5K of Rexburg: 1)  Let's start the race on time next year,  2)  Allow us to pick up races packets the day before the race, not the day of and 3)  Please, please let us run the distance we signed up for next time.  We're kind of picky about that.

To Keersten:  You're a great runner!  Let's do it again!


Jani said...

I love your running blogs - which is amazing given how much I detest running. Could be that it's because you're my daughter, you're an amazing athlete, and/or I'm so proud of you. You just keep running and writing my dear daughter.

Robyn said...

I've heard of several races recently that have been either shorter or
(can you imagine) longer than what they said it should be. That would make me mad....when running- you train for a specific distance, and want to time yourself on them to gauge your performance.