Monday, July 18, 2011

Let's Share: Kristan's Story

This story is from my sister-in-law, Kristan.  Funny enough, she is also a past high school buddy.  She is probably one of the most determined and organized people I know.  She always seems to have things under control and she is a great wife, mom, and bookeeper for my brother's (her husband's)business in Rexburg, Expedition Firearms.  I want to thank her for taking time to share her thoughts on running and her own story.  She's a new mom, so she's busy!

Kristan and her adorable little boy, Aeden.
My running story starts about 5 years ago with one day realizing I was 20 pounds over weight and felt awful about myself in more ways than one.  I had no energy, my back always hurt and every time I would buy pants it would be the next size up.  Something had to change.  The really awful part about it was I didn’t even have an excuse like having a baby to have gained all that extra weight!  I was just out of shape and needed to do something about it. 

I was never one for going to the gym so I thought what could I do on my own that wasn’t going to cost me an arm and a leg.  I looked to the great outdoors and decided my dog and I would become running buddies!  I decided on a diet a friend introduced me to, bought some running shoes and picked a time out of my busy schedule that I could devote to running.  I also decided on time over miles as my goal each day.   

The early morning was the only logical time for me plus would be cool enough so that my dog wouldn’t kill over in the hot California sun.
It wasn’t a problem for me to get up each day.  Every morning at 6am he would jump on the bed, then on me, and if that didn’t get me up, he would then crash his body into the vertical blinds making the most annoying noises – anything to wake me up.  I would finally give in and get out of bed and get ready to go.  He could barely contain his excitement as he saw that I was getting my running gear on.  How could I say no to that?   

Slowly but surely each morning got easier and easier to get out of bed and Titus’s annoying wake up calls were greatly appreciated.  Some days I didn’t even need them and was up before him.  I actually looked forward each morning to head out for 30 minutes at 6am each and everyday.  It was refreshing actually.  6am (in the summer) is actually a wonderful time of day.  I don’t know if you have ever been out early in the morning before the hussle and bussle of the town is up but it’s a very peaceful feeling to be running with just the sound of sprinkler systems in the background.  I felt so much better physically and mentally that I was now starting my day this way.  I also started making better decisions eating wise throughout the rest of the day.  How could I eat that greasy piece of pizza and wash it down with a soda when I ran for 30 minutes this morning?  I think I will have a refreshing salad instead and not undo what I did this morning. 

The weight came off and my dog loved me for all the exercise and exploring he got to do.  It was a win win.  The downfall however for using the great outdoors is that at some point you have to take your running indoors.  Running combined with snow and ice does not equal fun to me – but that is just my opinion. 

I continued my running career and was able to maintain my goal weight until I became pregnant.  Running turned into jogging.  Jogging turned into fast walking.  Fast walking came to a screeching halt when my hips couldn’t take it anymore.   I had to stop.  It was really disappointing especially to Titus.  He didn’t understand what the hold up was.  The weather soon turned cold and we were stuck inside for that reason as well.  "Get your lazy butt on a treadmill," you might be thinking.  Well I didn’t have one of those nor did I have the extra cash to spend on one as all the “extra” money needed to be spent on the little bundle of joy that was on the way.   

I now find myself back in the same boat of needing to lose weight again – at least this time I have an excuse of just having had a baby. It is finally spring, my 6 week postpartum is up and I am out of excuses.  Thanks to my sister-in-law Anna, I am now re-motivated to get back out there! Finding that time is now my enemy but I will prevail and drop those baby pounds!  

To sum up I would say the best thing to do to stay motivated or become motivated would be to have a running buddy whether it be the two-legged or four-legged kind.  I also recommend buying a snazzy pair of running shoes (I recommend Sketchers Shape-ups) and maybe a cute pair of pants to run in doesn’t hurt either.  (Does wonders for the old self esteem).  I highly recommend purchasing an ipod as well (or in my case winning one!) Nothing makes the time fly by faster than a good tune in your head.   I also recommend switching up your route.  If you keep running the same streets day in and day out, you will get bored and your running days will be over.

Thanks a bunch, Kristan!  Her story is very much like a lot of other women I know.  Like I said, she's determined and the part about getting up early morning after morning surely proves that.  I'm looking forward to running a race with her sometime next summer! 

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So glad Kristan added to your blog. She's great! You both are!! You both make me smile so big my face hurts!!! Love ya.