Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Let's Share: Becky's Story

Becky is another friend from high school.  She comes from a family of runners and so I asked her to share a little about her running agenda.  Thanks, Becky, for your contribution!

Hi bloggers! I'm not much of a runner. My sisters are amazing runners and my Dad is a runner. I have always just been a walker, or do creative work outs along the way. I try to make sure to eat whole grains, and a bunch of fruits and veggies every day. To keep my metabolism high I eat probably every 2-3 hours. So, I have 3 main meals and 2 snacks.
I feel like I am still in my running journey. I run a bit, then walk a bit. But, I find that the more I run, the longer I can run each time. For instance, if I run down my street, I run passed like four houses and then walk passed a few. I have a goal point (say a garbage can, or the end of someone's boat). When my body gets revved up, I run more and then walk. Then walk and run.
My body never really felt comfortable running. A few months ago I decided that I would get some new running shoes. I had been using my shoes I bought in high school. The first time I ran with my new shoes, I felt like I was running on air. It made a world of difference! If you are running with old work out shoes, I would suggest to invest in some new shoes. I think the ones I got were only like $40. But it was worth it. That small change made a difference.
The other thing I would say is run with music. I used to just run and I would hear myself breathing and get exhausted faster, because my breathing is what I would focus on. I bought an I pod shuffle at Wal-mart. That was another great investment and it's bright pink too!:) When each song comes on, it just motivates me to run.
I feel great when I get out and run. I love the break I get from the kids and just time to get out there. I prefer to run outside. When I run alone I just run back and forth on our long street. I guess I'm just kind of paranoid I will get jumped by some guy with a hooded sweater and sun glasses. Ha ha. I just feel safer running in my neighborhood. I also like running outside because it keeps me accountable a little more. I'm more driven to keep running if people are going to see me. Ha ha.
I also find that when I run often, I breath better. Is that weird? It helps expand my lungs, because I breath deeper or something.
I have a lot of people around that help motivate me to keep running and to stay with it.
Thanks Anna for being one of those people. You go girl. My sister had twins and she said the first few years are a killer. You have so much drive and motivation. Keep up the good work!


Thanks for the kind words, Becky!  What I like about Becky's experiences with running is that she thinks exactly the way I do!  The fact that running around people helps her to keep going is exactly what I do.  Running to have time away from kids; that's me again!  Running with an iPod to keep her mind off of the breathing, I do that too!  So many similiarities!  I think if all us runners sat down to talk about why we run and what we do when we run or even where we run, we'd find so many common threads and that's something I've always enjoyed about running and the other people I find running along with me.  Thanks Becky for sharing, you're awesome!!

Also, check out Becky's blog, it's all about fun and healthy recipes.  I've tried several of her recipes and all have been great successes.  If it weren't for her food blog, my family would be eating the same 5 dishes every week.  Check out at Ziggy Foods!


Becky said...

Thanks for posting this Anna. Again, this blog just motivates me to keep going with my running. :)

Becky said...

I just went running and I thought of a few other things to go with my post: I always chew gum. So, when my mouth gets dry, I just chew and swallow and I am good to go.
Also, I tend to look down when I run. But, if I make a special effort to focus forward, I do much better.
Drink plenty of water afterward.
Those are my two cents. Ha ha.