Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Let's Share: Robyn's Story

Robyn Whitworth shared her running story with us last season and it was a wonderful story.  Click here to see that one.  But I asked her to share with us again because she's taken her running to a new level and really honed in on a specific weight loss goal.  Every time she posts something about running or losing weight on facebook, I get inspired and so I knew she might inspire someone else who reads this blog.  So once again, ladies and gentlemen, I'm honored to share Robyn's story.

The other day I was talking with a group of people who are very close to me whom I recently challenged to run a 5K with me this summer. About 1/2 accepted the challenge and I was asking one of them how the training was going and asked, "So tomorrow you will probably go run 20 minutes or so?" And one of the friends who didn't accept the challenged piped up and exclaimed, "Run for 20 minutes?! That sounds so weird. Who would just get up and freakin run for TWENTY MINUTES and be excited about it?!! I can barely fathom running a mile let alone TWENTY MINUTES!!!"'
This exclamation startled me. Not only because my mind's eye took me immediately back to high school when I would have said, or probably did say, the exact same thing.... but because just the day before this conversation I had run for 40 minutes (4 miles) and loved every minute of it!
So many voices claiming this or that about heath and fitness and might I add stereo types that dominate this world of ours. But here is what matters- YOU and YOUR THOUGHTS ALONE. Do you secretly wish you could run 10, 20, 30, or holy cow, how about 40 minutes and love it? I am willing to bet that most women I know do. I know I did. There was a time I didn't ever think it was possible because of my self proclaimed inability to do such things because of my "genetics"..... PAHAHAHAHAAAA. Such naivety.
Let me make one thing clear to anyone who is reading this- runner or not-

You have a power inside you that only you can unleash. It is there. You can do, achieve, change, learn anything you want. But YOU have to choose to do it.

Our bodies are incredible. Ask any doctor, nutritionist, physical therapist, athletic/weight-loss trainer and they will agree. Just realize that it starts one step at a time. Next time you go out there and run or simply walk, just think, "Everyone has to start somewhere and I am starting today- and for the record, I am moving a lot faster than everyone else who is not out here too!"
I said that to myself for 2 years and here I am. I was recently described by a friend as "an avid runner." WHAT?! Me? The "chubby girl," the most un-athletic person in my family while I was at home? Wow. When did that happen? One step at a time. I have also been motivated to change my eating habits and shed some of that "baggage" or extra 40 lbs I have slowly gained and grown accustomed to over the last 15 years. I started with the same thought, "Everyone has to start somewhere, and I am starting today."
I did some research, talked to many doctors and friends who have had successes and I am proud to say that as of today I have lost 20 lbs and 29 inches of "baggage" in the last 4 months without a gym membership or special supplements just good eating and exercising right. It can be done people. YOU will make it happen.
Unleash your inner power and self-love that is there. Find the time- you know its there, get an iPod of some kind and load your favorite upbeat motivational songs for your workouts/runs/walks (I promise you music helps more than you think), buy some GOOD new shoes to save your knees and get going.

Thank you Robyn for your thoughts on running and on life.  The best line was "Everyone has to start somewhere and I am starting today."  Every time I've had to get back into running after a baby is born, it's hard.  It's hard because I have to condition my body again and it's hard because I'm tired and busy and unmotivated.  But like Robyn says, just take that first step, start today and get going.  Might I just add, once you get going, DON'T look back.  Keep your head up and look forward and leave everything else behind.  This is the new you and there is no end.  Just keep going.  I think Robyn's weight loss is amazing and shrinking 29 inches just blows my mind.  Wahoo, Robyn!!  I'm sure she is happy with her progress, but more than not, it seems as if she's happy to be running and that's the best part!  Thanks again, Robyn. 

If anyone out there wants to share, I'd love to hear from you.  Some of the people who I know read this better watch out, because if you don't offer up a story, I will hunt you down. 

Happy Running!

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