Thursday, May 3, 2012

Running Stories

I had this feature going last year.  It went really well I think.  I asked other runners to share their stories with all of us.  Working together, I think we mutally inspired each other to give it our all.  So I'm starting that up again.  Here is what I'm after:  A story about how you got into running, why you stay at it and what motivates you.  A story about one particular run or a race story.  Or any other story about your journey as a runner.  Doesn't have to be long or worthy of a Pulitzer Prize, it just has to tell us your story. 

I'll go first.  I published this story last season as I got back into running after my twins were born.  But it's the story of how I got into running and what I've learned since. 

My first run....

What I felt like...
My first real run, and I mean a run that tortured my body for days, lasted a whole 15-20 minutes and went around the block. I was pushing two kids in a jogging stroller I'd purchased before my 2nd daughter was born and I was literally tortured for 15-20 minutes. I don't even know if this pathetic attempt was even a mile's worth. My feet and calves hurt so bad the next day, I amazed myself when I did it again. I guess my motivation was that I realized that this wasn't high school anymore and if I was going to get my body back after two kids, I'd better get my keester out there and do something and since I bought a $250 stroller with the word "jogging" in it's name, I'd better at least attempt another run. That was a long sentence, I know.
That first run turned into an addiction for me. The first run was at the beginning of May, perhaps the end of April, and by July I was able to run 6 miles without blinking. For those that can run a full marathon in your sleep, you may stop laughing now. This was huge for me. And before winter hit, I had started running 8 miles everytime I stepped out the door. During the winter, I continued to run indoors on a loathed treadmill. I don't know why I hate treadmills, but I do. Then as the weather hinted at spring, I got set to run outdoors again only to find out I was expecting.
I got sick right off the bat and the thought of running made my vomit voilently. Then as the sickness went away, 16 WEEKS LATER, I felt like I was too big and that running might rip loose one of the babies I had stashed in me (that's right, I was expecting twins). So I got bigger and the running just stopped. The twins were born in December and after birthing one naturally, meaning ripped out of my loins whilst I screamed, and having an emergency c-section with the other one, running once again made me want to vomit violently.
4 and 1/2 months after the twins arrived, I had run out of excuses. The weather had turned nice. Check. I was no longer suffering the pains of having the worst possible birth story in the history of birth stories. Check. I had stopped losing weight simply because I wasn't pregnant anymore, which meant I needed to work for those last 10lbs. Check. I had my new running mix on my iPod all picked out. Check. I had gained sufficient motivation from watching The Biggest Loser. Check. It was time.
So, it began again. My first run, this time, lasted 3.5 miles. It was blasted hot too. I think I possibly walked a mile of it, but I can't estimate to save my life. The point is, I was back, baby! Tonight I did it again, 3.5-4 miles and I only stopped once to walk to avoid antagonizing a rather mean St. Bernard. I'm, frankly, amazed that I didn't have to start from scratch. My body "remembered" what this was all about and it helped me through it. I'm far away from where I was before, but I'll get there again, you can count on that.

Update:  Since posting that, I ran in 5-6 races, one of the them a 10k.  I cut 10 minutes off my 5k time and got my body back to where I like it.  Now it's a new running/race season and I'm still at it.  Time works against me as raising 4 children and having a part-time job sometimes have to come before running.   I can still run a decent 10k and I'm getting fairly good at running hills.  This year I'll be racing again and my first race is a 5 mile leg of a 40 mile relay in the To Bone and Back race. 

So there is my story.  If you have one you'd like to share, email me at or message me on facebook.  I want pictures too!  Share with us!!!  Look back through my other posts to see stories from other runners from last season.

Who knows?  Maybe your story will inspire someone else!

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