Thursday, May 26, 2011

Let's Share: Robyn's Story

As I stated at the very beginning, I wanted to share not just my experiences with running, but those of other runners as well.  Well, I thought today would be a good day to share a story.  This one comes to us from Robyn Whitworth.

Its a long one...
Here is my running story- and I have to say that I never, and I do mean NEVER thought I'd be able to share a story about running, but here goes.
Elementary school- the fat complex started, running made my face beet red and I felt embarrassed about my stocky body and I was generally in the last third of all the other runners=the negetive feelings about running complex.
Middle School- fat complex is REALLY bad, my body is maturing faster than most of the other girls and I don't understand about sports attire, so, yet again, running presents itself as a negative thing. I ran an 8 minute mile and hated myself because I was still slower than most the other girls.
High school- Running is OUT. In PE I was the girl that would just walk and maybe jog a bit just to pass the class, however, I would run after school before going to work 2 times a week and go about a mile just so I could say I was exercising. I just made up my mind that running is for athletic people and those CRAZY people who actually LIKE to run. WEIRD!
College- no running at all. Fat complex is fading out as I get a boyfriend and get married.
Married with one child- Started feeling the baby fat gathering and decide to do something. But I started rashly- just jumped right in and ran without understanding Heart Rate, calorie burn, how hormones and body types affect how you lose fat especially in the areas you want. So it didn't last long, as running barely 1/2 a mile was exhausting me. I resorted to swimming, which toned up my body a little and helped my heart without all the burn and heat of running. Lasted about 4 months.
Married with 2 children- same thing as with one child, except no swimming, just running a mile twice a week for 3 months, then I got pregnant and it was over for 2 years.
January 2011- Read a lot about nutrition and changed my diet around, not too drastic, just a little and also started a Wii strength training program and it is really fun! I could feel my muscles starting to get bigger and I "magically" started losing inches all over my body and my heart rate and endurance was getting better each week. So in April I decide that I will try running a mile, maybe more if I feel good...... here is where my paradigm about running shifted!
That first time I ran 3 miles in 25 minutes. I was sore, but I astounded myself, and the best part, was that I felt GOOD when I was done!
The next time, 2 weeks later, I ran 2 miles because of time constraints (you have those with kids...) and since then I am running 3-4 miles once every week and I am LOVING IT! I am shooting for a 10 K in the next few months and CANNOT believe it!!!
For me, I had to learn about how to condition my body to be ready to run- because when it was ready, it was FUN- I can feel power from my leg muscles and my heart feels good, not strained at all. And yes, my body looks better than it has since college and I feel better too!!!

What I love about Robyn's story is the evolution that took place.  Most of us have similiar stories where we get started and something stops us or we hate our first run so much, we decide it's not for us.  But, as Robyn got to experience, if you give it enough time and heart, you'll get such great benefits from it.  Thanks for sharing, Robyn!

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