Monday, August 22, 2011

The Support Team

When you endeavor to become a runner, you will inevitably need a support team.  A group of unseen people to help you keep your running goals.  There are so many reasons to run, yet some days despite all of those reasons, I just don't have the motivation to do it.  That is where my support team comes in.  Did I hire a team of coaches, personal trainers, or motivational speakers?  Uh, how much do you think a teacher makes these days?  No, my support team is a built-in.  They are my family.  The twins have yet to be all that helpful as they usually whine when I go to run.  But the rolls of slack skin they left me after the pregnancy usually motivate me all by themselves.  Dani and Rachel are my little cheerleaders.  At every race, they've been there saying, "Yeah, mom! Go, mom!"  And each morning when I set out to run, I hear, "Have a good run, mom!" or "Be a good runner, mom!"  How can I not give it my all with those shouts of encouragement following me out the door?  Dani and Rachel will even ask to run with me around the block and that gives me more support than they realize. 

But my biggest support is my husband.  There have been mornings when I just didn't have it in me.  Then he slyly asks, "So, you going running today?"  For some reason that's all I need.  He's someone to be accountable to.  He never gets irritated at me when a run lasts longer than I said it would.  Whenever I say that I want to spend another $30 on a race, he just smiles and says, "Sure!"  He's always there to take my picture at the finish line and always willing to see me through to wherever all this running may lead.  I love the look on his face after I come back from running or finish a race.  I think it may be a look of pride.  I don't think I could be a runner without him and I don't think he realizes just how much I need him if I'm going to continue to be a runner.  I know he probably has no idea that I see him as my support system, that's for sure.  He's supportive by nature and I love that about him. 

So I hope you all have a support system.  Whether it's your kids, your spouse, a friend, a dog, whoever, it doesn't matter, as long as you have someone supporting you as you run.  I suppose you could get by without a support system, but I think I'm a better runner because I do have support from my husband and kids. 

My secondary support system would be everyone who reads this blog.  With every comment and every story I receive, I feel more and more support from you guys.  I hope that what I write here on this blog might be of some support to you as well.  That's what I like about running.  We get support from each other and we give it back ten fold when needed. 

Comment time:  Who is your support team and how do they support you?

Let's have a gush-fest and praise those who support us as we run!!

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Jani said...

You need to stop making me cry - well it's a good cry (as Aunt Wendy would say). Great blog entry today - kind of a blog for life. Here's to all our support systems that help us get through this great adventure called Life.