Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Map My Run

I thought I'd feature a handy little tool that I was told about recently.  It's called Map My Run.  It's a website you can go to where you're allowed to map out runs or bike rides or hikes or whatever to see how far you've gone.  But it's also a tool to help you keep track of your daily fitness activities. A sort of workout journal.  It has many features I have yet to explore and most of it is free.  There are extras you can access with a membership fee, but for my purposes, I'm fine with what they offer for free. 

I mainly use it as a way to find the mileage of new routes.  Sure beats having to drive the route in the car to see how far I've gone.  It's fairly simple to use as well, just visit their little tutorial about mapping a run and go from there.  It will also declare your logged runs onto Facebook for you so everyone can gush about your awesomeness.  Bonus!

So check it out at mapmyrun.com

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WendyLew said...

Do you know if we can post our runs here on blogger as well?