Monday, August 29, 2011

Monday Motivation

Okay folks, since I ended my last feature, A Case for Running (and I thoroughly made my case by the way), I've been trying to come up with a feature to take its place.  After hearing from some of you and from looking to my own life for inspiration, I decided that Monday might just be the hardest day to run.  Perhaps I'm wrong, maybe you guys like Mondays.  Here is my theory:  Monday comes right after the weekend.  You probably spent the weekend do something enjoyable while in denial that the weekend would ever end.  Monday comes, the start of a new week, the start of everything...again.  It's like a circle.  It's okay for a while, but sooner or later you're just sick of going around and around and around.  So Monday can leave you with a feeling of sorrow over the lost weekend and annoyance at the repetition of it all.  Feelings like this could easily lead to lower energy or just dulled motivation to go out and run...again.  Thus, Monday could most likely be the hardest day to run.  So, I've come up with a new feature....Monday Motivation! 

Come by my little blog each and every Monday for a tidbit of motivation.  Perhaps it'll be an inspiring quote.  Perhaps I'll just berate you for 3-4 paragraphs and tell you you're wanny for not running.  Perhaps I'll give you the best motivational speech since Aragorn rallied the troops for the last battle in Lord of the Rings: Return of the King (Am I a nerd?  Yes, yes I am.)
Whatever it is, I'll do my best to add some motivation to your Monday. 

So for this Monday, I give you this little video I found.  There are parts that are a bit fuzzy, but I thought it was good.



Jani said...

Anna - This was so good. Smiled and giggled at your commentary - laughed right out loud at the "Lord of the Rings" clip - then tears as I watched the running. I tried but was unable to share it on Facebook. You should put it on Facebook as well. Have a great week.

Wendy said...

Okay. This even inspired me to start running. This coming from a woman who, whenever her children see her running, even if it is across the street, say, "LOOK. Mom's running." This from a woman who thinks she is too old to start such a thing...I am going to start tomorrow morning, before work. Thank you Anna.

Anna said...

Wahoo, Wendy!!! Let me know how it goes. When I began, I think my goal was just to run for 15 minutes without stopping, lol! Let me know if I can help!