Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Monday Motivation......on a Tuesday

Okay, sorry this is a day late.  But I think it's well worth it.  I've been struggling with motivation lately.  Well, first I struggled with finding time to run (the school year is crazy for me) but then when a window would open up, I struggled with motivation to go and the increasingly cold weather wasn't really helping.  But I walked out the door to go get my oldest from school and the wind was biting.  It was cold cold.  And I got mad.  I got mad at the stupid weather and my time constraints and I got mad that these things were making my decisions for me.  So I went looking for some motivation and found two things.  One was I looked at my most recent post from the Zombie Chase.  At the end of the post I mentioned that I have shaved 10 minutes off of my 5K time.  I realized that I wanted to shave off ten more and that wasn't going to happen if I stopped running.  So seeing my progress over the summer and seeing a new goal gave me new motivation.  Then, I found a video from youtube that I found quite inspiring.  So that is the motivation I will share with you guys.  Hopefully each of you will see your own progress as motivation too.


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cleggclan said...

That was a pretty awesome video. Great Wednesday motivation for me. THANKS. :)