Monday, October 3, 2011

Monday Motivation

Have you ever told someone you just went for a run and, being funny, they ask, "Why?  What was chasing you?"  Oh, so clever.  Anyway, now you can say, "Zombies were chasing me."
Confused?  What better motivation to run than to have Zombies chasing you?  And you can have that experience if you come race with me on October 22nd in Rigby, Idaho's Zombie Chase 5k.

Not only would you have to train for a 5k, but you'd have to train in order to outrun the Zombies.  I love it!!  But whether you join me in the Zombie Chase or do another race, you'll experience more motivation to get out there if you sign up for a race.  I challenged anyone who read this all summer long to run a race.  But it's not too late if you haven't done one yet.  I bet there is time for 1 or 2 more races before the weather turns south.  And even if you have done a few races already, do another!!  This will be either my fifth or sixth race this year.  Why not just keep racing? 
A race is a way to keep yourself accountable.  It's a way to have a goal in sight.  It's what will get you up in the morning to run or to sneak in that run after dinner.  It's what will prompt you to run that hill versus sticking to your flat route.  So, I want to challenge everyone, again, to sign up for a race.  I would ABSOLUTELY love it if anyone wanted to join me in the Zombie Chase.  If you do sign up for a race, let me know, especially if you sign up for Zombie Chase because I want to run with you!  Get online, look at your community calendar, find a race you think you can do, sign up, and start training.  And pay attention to everything while you race because I'm gonna want a race story.
If you're a local, click on the link to the Teton Running Events Calendar on my sidebar.  They have all the races going on month by month. 

Now, for all the locals that read this and aren't sure if they want to do a Zombie Chase, please watch the following video.  Scroll to the bottom and turn off my playlist before you do though.

Don't you SO want to run from Zombies now?  And if you want, you can sign up to be a Zombie and do the chasing.  Dress accordingly!!

Happy Running!


markandjenny said...

I am still planning on writing a guest life is one crazy pickle right now. It is on my to do list. Love your stuff, keep it up!

john petter said...
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